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Where to find us

Macclesfield Community Garden Centre is located within West Park. From the B5087 (Prestbury Road), turn into West Park at the point marked 'West Park Museum'on the map below (you may need to zoom in until the label appears). Follow the road round to the back of the park, following signs to the car park.

By clicking on Satellite on the map below,  Macclesfield Community Garden Centre can be seen to the right of the West Park label as a building with a roof of two overlapping rectangles. The image to the right shows the Garden Centre entrance.

If you are using a sat nav: entering house number 77 with our postcode, SK10 3BJ, will bring you to the park entrance.

For further information please contact:


Macclesfield Community Garden Centre 

West Park, 



SK10 3BJ

Telephone: 01625 612925


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